Lil Nas X - Panini (Official Video)

Official video for "Panini" by Lil Nas X.
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Director: Mike Diva
Story By: Lil Nas X
Starring: Skai Jackson

Executive Producer: Josh Shadid
Associate Producer: Marissa Alanis
Producers: Johnny Hernandez & Joseph Barbalaco
Commissioner/Producer: Saul Levitz

Production Company: Lord Danger

Director of Photography: Aaron Grasso
1st AC: Keith Jones
Steadicam: Ari Robbins

Gaffer: Michael Schilling
BBE: Ardy Fatehi
Key Grip: Fritz Weber
BBG: Nico Ortiz

Production Designer: Johnny Love
Art Director: Michelle Hall

Wardrobe Stylist: Justin Lynn
Costume Design/Fabrication: Lucid Studios

Skai Jackson's Hair & Make-Up: Alexander Armand & Brandy Allen
Lil Nas X Hair & Make-Up: Diana Escamilla & Jennifer Urquizo

Choreographer: Phil Wright

Motion Capture Specialist: Don Allen Stevenson III

VFX/Post Production Company: Chimney Group
Executive Producer: Ron Moon
Post Producers: Alex Ramos
Creative Director: Frederick Ross
VFX/Post Production Company: Post Lord (Lord Danger)
Executive Producer: Josh Shadid
Post Producer: Shyam Sengupta & Marissa Alanis
Creative Director: Mike Diva
Post Supervisor: Andrew Henry
Editors: Mike Diva & Andrew Henry
3D Artist: Cornel Swodoba
3D Artist: Calvin Serrano
VFX Artist: Octane Jesus (David Ariew)
VFX Artist: Ryan Talbot
GFX Artist: Cody Vondell
GFX Artist: Silica (Eric Castro)
GFX Artist: Olney Atwell
GFX Artist: Tom Arena
Compositor: Ethan Chancer
Compositor: Josh Johnson

Special Thanks: Rokoko Electronics for providing Motion Capture Suit
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  1. Hunter Aroksaar

    Hunter Aroksaar23 сағат бұрын

    More of a DK rap man myself

  2. Justin Damsker

    Justin Damsker23 сағат бұрын

    Cowboy- to Technoman- to Vampire

  3. cupcakexlindsay

    cupcakexlindsay23 сағат бұрын

    I thought he was gay tho?

  4. the memer from Corona on YouTube

    the memer from Corona on YouTube23 сағат бұрын

    Beats by dr. Dre

  5. portal_gaming/portal in real life pug

    portal_gaming/portal in real life pug23 сағат бұрын

    panini is a sandwich

  6. Kirito Is Back :v

    Kirito Is Back :v23 сағат бұрын

    Dang, This Is Creativity and Art. It’s a Masterpiece.

  7. TTV_ .Loading.

    TTV_ .Loading.23 сағат бұрын

    Did you see in the end the Building it said xxx

  8. Faiz Doum

    Faiz DoumКүн бұрын

    jadore la queu

  9. ItsPasitoPrron Z

    ItsPasitoPrron ZКүн бұрын

    lilnas x in cyberpunk

  10. Minato Uzumaki

    Minato UzumakiКүн бұрын

    2:12 there’s an xxx by the pink tree..... wow, he misses him too I guess

  11. Adia Otey

    Adia OteyКүн бұрын

    Oh look it's that girl from Jessie

  12. master king akilimali

    master king akilimaliКүн бұрын

    hey panini do you be like me why you to you me go up why you try to kill me teeny haaa.

  13. Dr. Fandom

    Dr. FandomКүн бұрын

    Did anyone else think Panini form Chowder?

  14. Naurto

    NaurtoКүн бұрын

    1:12 The Girl: *what the fuck*

  15. Haidee Ortiz

    Haidee OrtizКүн бұрын

    Fomili laif

  16. Haidee Ortiz

    Haidee OrtizКүн бұрын


  17. Leah Bergren

    Leah BergrenКүн бұрын

    I have to say nas is so cute😆😆😆

  18. Lynn Hunt

    Lynn HuntКүн бұрын

    thats Zeri Ros

  19. Jeremiah Kentish

    Jeremiah KentishКүн бұрын

    Music videos it looks so crazy

  20. Regina Pantoj

    Regina PantojКүн бұрын

    i love it :)

  21. วิลัย จุมพล

    วิลัย จุมพลКүн бұрын

    Love You ..

  22. Kieran Curtis

    Kieran CurtisКүн бұрын

    he hit a woah at 1:00

  23. Mario_ and_ Luigi_ Plush_Flims

    Mario_ and_ Luigi_ Plush_FlimsКүн бұрын

    Me:Did anyone notice the sign that said he was on tik tok Everyone:no Me: o okay then

  24. Franco Mestas

    Franco MestasКүн бұрын


  25. Shawn & Monica Bellicini

    Shawn & Monica BelliciniКүн бұрын

    I like this song

  26. Goji Fan 1954

    Goji Fan 1954Күн бұрын

    Old Town Road- Black Ops 1 Rodeo- Black Ops 2 Panini- Black Ops 3

  27. Marlee Minick

    Marlee MinickКүн бұрын

    Dear 3045, *why you stalking meh-*

  28. Marcy Newton

    Marcy NewtonКүн бұрын

    its awsome

  29. Kody McClure

    Kody McClureКүн бұрын

    Nice song

  30. Joseph LW

    Joseph LWКүн бұрын

    Hello lil n’as why you stalking on panini?

  31. billy greer

    billy greerКүн бұрын

    Arianya Greer Jackson

  32. 100,000 Subscribers without any videos

    100,000 Subscribers without any videosКүн бұрын

    If lil nas was in your class. Hey hey! You why are you in cowboy hat? Not the best but ok. Lil nas x: Don't you be a meanie

  33. H A Z E L

    H A Z E LКүн бұрын

    Daytrip took it to 10 (hey) Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie Thought you wanted me to go up Why you tryna keep me teeny? I It's a dreamy, wished it on a genie I got fans finally, ain't you wanting them to see me? I I thought you want this for my life, for my life Said you wanted to see me thrive, you lied Just say to me, what you want from me Just say to me, what you want from me Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie Thought you wanted me to go up Why you tryna keep me teeny now? Now they need me, number one on streaming Oh yeah, you used to love me So what happened, what's the meaning? I I thought you want this for my life, for my life Said you wanted to see me thrive, you lied Now when it's all done, I get the upper hand I need a big Benz, not another fan But I still want you as a fan I'ma need to sit down, don't mean to make demands But I need you to Say to me, what you want from me Just say to me, what you want from me Daytrip took it to 10 (hey)

  34. loveofmy1315

    loveofmy1315Күн бұрын

    Love it lil you are my fave artist

  35. Siege Cats

    Siege CatsКүн бұрын

    He sprung on dat gurl.

  36. xena xoxo

    xena xoxoКүн бұрын

    This song made me hungry

  37. lil marshmallow

    lil marshmallowКүн бұрын

    I thought the song was dookey but its fire🔥🔥

  38. Hannah Nagaya

    Hannah NagayaКүн бұрын

    I like your wooow songs

  39. Mario Benitez

    Mario BenitezКүн бұрын

    look at her mouth she said wtf.1:11

  40. Larzell Lanehart

    Larzell LanehartКүн бұрын

    Hey I wanna see you tomorrow You know I’m not trying to get you off but I wanna do to do anything for you love you ❤️🥰😍😘😋😛😜

  41. Deformed Alien

    Deformed AlienКүн бұрын

    Why the future will make stalking efficient...

  42. XxLisha _Kay

    XxLisha _KayКүн бұрын

    He hit the woah!!

  43. XxLisha _Kay

    XxLisha _KayКүн бұрын

    Wow... 0:51

  44. RvG Bergamin

    RvG BergaminКүн бұрын


  45. edge rated r

    edge rated rКүн бұрын

    You gay lilnasx you even sayed

  46. XxLisha _Kay

    XxLisha _KayКүн бұрын

    Speed it up to 2x XD

  47. Abdullah Sesay

    Abdullah SesayКүн бұрын


  48. Max HQ

    Max HQКүн бұрын

    My problem here is she wasted the uber🤣

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    Vickie EvansКүн бұрын

    Sky wow

  50. PKJ Channel

    PKJ ChannelКүн бұрын

    Good music

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    Well done

  52. dellanira leyva

    dellanira leyvaКүн бұрын

    Lil nas x in a grammis 2020

  53. Ben Shipley

    Ben ShipleyКүн бұрын

    when your crush brakes up with you

  54. Blynd Blond

    Blynd BlondКүн бұрын

    This is him after making thousands of old Town road remixes

  55. Channice Ellis

    Channice EllisКүн бұрын

    She is in hey jessy🤔

  56. Petrit- Blob

    Petrit- BlobКүн бұрын

    Decent song. Better then old town road. 👍🤣

  57. pepinoSS

    pepinoSSКүн бұрын

    igualito a fre fyre

  58. Mary Sands

    Mary SandsКүн бұрын

    This song Getting old

  59. Audrey Bolton

    Audrey BoltonКүн бұрын

    Good song Jesse and lilx

  60. Lorraine Spencer

    Lorraine SpencerКүн бұрын

    Fuccccck you bith