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Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941
  1. Bloodstained Alyss

    Bloodstained Alyss10 секунд бұрын

    Btw when are you gonna do Godzilla: king of the monsters?! I want to see you sin it already!!!

  2. FASTSIGNS 2214

    FASTSIGNS 221435 секунд бұрын

    In the shooting training scene there are two bullets unaccounted for 7:40

  3. Ragnar-USA

    Ragnar-USAМинут бұрын

    At 6:08 the blond actress looks straight into the camera .

  4. Uptxred

    Uptxred2 минут бұрын

    You guys do realize DreamWorks is kind of now owned by illumination so there can be a crossover?

  5. Gamerdudes

    Gamerdudes3 минут бұрын

    Whoever wrote half these sins is retarded. He asking "Why doesn't he shoot the tires?" right as he skips the scene where snakes eyes shoots the bulletproof tires or shooting the roof of the car that he clearly unloaded a mag into. There was also a railroad sign that the bad guys drove through when the train hit them

  6. Amzy Yzma

    Amzy Yzma3 минут бұрын



    IHATETHEARBITORtoo4 минут бұрын

    The best part of this movie, Undead By Hollywood Undead was the trailer song.

  8. Grace Lindsay

    Grace Lindsay4 минут бұрын

    How come Harry Potter is one of the best franchises in the world but still you make stupid videos about silly thing only you can notice , maybe try making videos on films that actually have things wrong with them

  9. B Diddy

    B Diddy4 минут бұрын

    Still no engage but this?

  10. Mr. Mutou

    Mr. Mutou4 минут бұрын

    Gotta admit tho...storm shadow was swaggy af👌🏽

  11. VinNyVin Vin

    VinNyVin Vin5 минут бұрын

    Everything Wrong With ''STARSHIP TROOPERS'' for the millionth time.

  12. Bloodstained Alyss

    Bloodstained Alyss5 минут бұрын

    1:52 I know exactly which one you're talking about.... "Get the water! Get the water N***a!"

  13. Bademus Octavian Juvenal

    Bademus Octavian Juvenal5 минут бұрын

    wonder what happened in dalmatia (Croatia) in the movie, cos i live there. would be prob more interesting to watch, too

  14. Nate the great

    Nate the great6 минут бұрын

    3:42 because the kids taste better when they are Afraid that’s why he does it to have a better “ meal”

  15. Jay Bro

    Jay Bro6 минут бұрын

    All movie series are whole wrong.

  16. taputechnic

    taputechnic7 минут бұрын

    You didn't give them a sin for having their underwater lair crushed by lighter-than-water ice?

  17. Kay Mae

    Kay Mae7 минут бұрын

    i just saw this movie too!

  18. Stackhouse

    Stackhouse7 минут бұрын

    Sooooooo where is avengers end game my man?

  19. victornewmanforever

    victornewmanforever9 минут бұрын

    Just so you know, the french actor at the beginning of the movie is the french voice of mainly Mel Gibson, Robert De Niro and John Goodman.

  20. Chris

    Chris10 минут бұрын

    "Corel Draw" Jokes about Corel Draw makes my designer-self chuckle. #adobe4lyfe


    INFAMOUS SEAN11 минут бұрын

    who doesn't just love snake eyes hes a god

  22. Mikey

    Mikey11 минут бұрын

    Have you done Secret life of pets 2? Please roast that shit show

  23. Stomp Chunkman

    Stomp Chunkman11 минут бұрын

    00:37 Shane, could've added the MST3K theme song verse.


    ARK ANGEL12 минут бұрын

    Coming soon to cinema sins"everything wrong with child's play"AND EVERY OTHER MOVIE CREATED ON PLANET EARTH,....NO ON CARES GIVE US A BREAK,NO MOVIE IS PERFECT!

  25. Archfiend of Shred

    Archfiend of Shred12 минут бұрын

    The movie was good for the era. It takes place in the future but it's still what you'd expect out of a typical 80s action film. If they were to make that movie today the main character wouldn't be male. They'd push some feminist SJW narrative in it and make it completely unentertaining. Kinda like The Terminator franchise. It's actually one of the only movies that managed to be better than the book.

  26. Jeremy's Swiggs

    Jeremy's Swiggs12 минут бұрын

    Channing Tatum is a terrible actor. The best part of the sequel is when they blew him up. Even the Doofenschmirtz Evil Inc. Self destruct brief case wasn't as funny.

  27. Andria Robb

    Andria Robb13 минут бұрын

    "Says everyone who remembers liking this movie and then watches it almost 30 years later" Nailed it

  28. Anthony Phillips

    Anthony Phillips13 минут бұрын

    How dare you say anything offensive about Shrek

  29. DeaconTaylor

    DeaconTaylor14 минут бұрын

    why couldnt they decide if joseph gordon was cobra commander or dr mindbender instead this bizarre amalgam?

  30. Cian

    Cian14 минут бұрын


  31. Rakka Khan

    Rakka Khan14 минут бұрын

    The caber toss is traditional Scottish athletic event. I'm too lazy to type more just goggle it lol

  32. The Original Captain Trips

    The Original Captain Trips14 минут бұрын

    wait wait the Scottish guy becomes Destro? ...this is some convoluted shit

  33. Gary Heffernan

    Gary Heffernan15 минут бұрын

    How did you not talk about the fact they gave Snake Eyes lips?

  34. Jinx Dragon

    Jinx Dragon18 минут бұрын

    Love how Hollywood assumes, just because your picture was taken, that it will automatically upload to some accessible database.

  35. Jordan Goertz

    Jordan Goertz18 минут бұрын

    2:58 thats not racist its sexiest get it right

  36. Farming 999

    Farming 99919 минут бұрын


  37. Aaron Nicholson

    Aaron Nicholson20 минут бұрын

    Snake eyes is best characters maybe it should be called snake eyes force

  38. Banny Chezy

    Banny Chezy23 минут бұрын

    And why doesn't the narrator get a job😂🤔🤔

  39. M Chapman

    M Chapman23 минут бұрын

    Does deadpool's body just sprout from his head? LOL. That is an interesting question and would have actually been quite funny to see - presumably an adult deadpool head on a baby's body cradled by the big metal fucker. But, I guess, they did do the baby legs later on.

  40. Plushblue EP

    Plushblue EP24 минут бұрын


  41. Rob Nix

    Rob Nix25 минут бұрын

    Duke speaks in Ebonics

  42. John Doan

    John Doan26 минут бұрын

    When Snake Eyes was wearing the cloak... Discount Kylo Ren

  43. dragonweyr44

    dragonweyr4426 минут бұрын

    0:59 Because in 2009 computer graphics wasn't as advanced OR they INTENTIONALLY made cheap graphics for this presentation 1:06 Is everyone at M.A.R.S. evil or just Destro? Cause usually, in these type of cartoon corporations, they're all evil 3:16 That wasn't a 50 cal, it was a mini gun And besides, you forgot the hot redheaded archer 3:38 why do normal special forces soldiers have code names like Duke and Ripcord and why is he Ripcord already if he doesn't belong to an airborne unit? 3:40 General Hawk? Not General Abernathy? 4:13 What do you expect? She's not an actress. She's Karolina Kurkova, a Chezk Victoria Secret supermodel acting in a few scenes and then dying Also, why are the two women's battle fatigues so tight and form fitting? They're supposed to be made for freedom of movement 5:34 Didn't you see the Doctor touch his remote control a second before he moves? Also he doesn't become Commander, NOT COBRA Commander until the end of the movie 6:06 Once again, He's not Cobra Commander yet 8:15 Look, I don't know much about katana swords, but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't use two of them to do handstands with. And the only reason why he's doing this here now is to foreshadow his doing it when they infiltrat cobra base later 8:33 Can a person read a book while jogging? and shouldn't she be listening to her book on her phone (Since it is the near future from 2009 after all) 9:49 If you'd let the scene play out for a few more seconds, you'd have seen the body of the guy Zartan took the camels and robes from. And if he;s walking home, why didn't the Joes check him out after the fight? 12:24 Why is a high speed train barreling it's way through Paris? 12:59 why do bay guy have boners for destroying famous landmarks? 13:52 Also you'd have to bring the aircraft under cover as well before everything inside it freezes up as well 15:07 Rex becomes corrupted by the idea of nanomites in seconds? 16:33 For the THIRD time, HE'S NOT COBRA COMMANDER YET 16:58 Ice doesn't sink in water 17:07 NOW HE'S COBRA COMMANDER 18:07 What the hell is that?

  44. The Original Captain Trips

    The Original Captain Trips27 минут бұрын

    no the evil Doctor is Cobra Commander? the guy that looks like a really bad Dr Mindbender?...omg this is fucked up

  45. Nathan Joyce

    Nathan Joyce27 минут бұрын

    Why did Georgie go near a fucking clown in a sewers

  46. DarkMystery Mapping

    DarkMystery Mapping28 минут бұрын

    This is a disgrace to the legend of Dragon Ball Z. Piccolo looks like woodwind instrument in this movie. Goku is an american teenager. Chi-Chi is annoying and NOT fitting. Roshi is....alright then. Finally, he collects all seven dragon balls to help some preverted old man instead of Grandpa Gohan. It feels like someone that had seen a single episode of the Piccolo Jr. Saga when they were 5, never seeing it since and decided he knew how to write a whole story. Why does this exist? Why are the characters so different to the beloved show and yes, I know, I'm butthurt...

  47. The Original Captain Trips

    The Original Captain Trips28 минут бұрын

    wait...Cobra commander is Scottish?...& Duke has a history w/ The did they do w/ my childhood?

  48. Vityotron

    Vityotron29 минут бұрын

    Making me think of fan boys staining the back of seats is a sin on cinema sins and god.

  49. Tarvisland

    Tarvisland31 минут бұрын

    Am I the only one that is begging for this Chris Quadfecta that they made me think of?

  50. Cailean Hamilton

    Cailean Hamilton34 минут бұрын

    As a Scotsman at 5:52 I had no no fucking idea what he was talking about. WHIT!!!

  51. Frost D.H

    Frost D.H34 минут бұрын

    Rise of the SNEK

  52. The Original Captain Trips

    The Original Captain Trips34 минут бұрын

    i have no idea how this movie flew under my radar but it did...omg what a dump truck

  53. Wolfie YT

    Wolfie YT35 минут бұрын

    100 sins in under 10minutes why would they wanna make a movie this bad....Also no real fight

  54. Wesley White

    Wesley White35 минут бұрын

    I love this movie so why did i watch this? 😔

  55. dhSOAD

    dhSOAD37 минут бұрын

    No sin for tornado scene Dana panty shot?

  56. Jean-Daniel Mohier

    Jean-Daniel Mohier37 минут бұрын

    This Paris car chase sequence was definitely not shot in Paris... it looks like Vienna, or Budapest...

  57. Lil_blueberry Juice box

    Lil_blueberry Juice box37 минут бұрын

    There’s a football team after Detroit tho 🤔

  58. The Dimensional Potato

    The Dimensional Potato37 минут бұрын

    Here's the biggest sin: CHUCK DIES.

  59. K. Otto Phillips

    K. Otto Phillips37 минут бұрын

    Thanks for doing this one. I'm a huge Joe fan and I actually do like this movie, but it deserves to be EWWed. Lots of military stuff was missed, like Duke is a Captain, Ripcord is Master Sergeant. Their ages would be significantly different, and it's unlikely they'd be buddy/buddy like they are. Ripcord says he qualifies to fly everytime they're on leave. Enlisted don't fly, only officers and Warrant Officers do, and it's not like he could just borrow a plane to get qualified, especially since it has nothing to do with his MOS in the Army. Also, as Ripcord flies the Night Raven up into the stratosphere. At no point was it ever mentioned this would destroy/deactivate the nanomites.

  60. Dave Robson

    Dave Robson37 минут бұрын

    Nick lives in a high end Chicago apartment that somehow DOESN'T have ground fault circuit interrupters in the bathroom???????????

  61. Darel Datt

    Darel Datt38 минут бұрын

    Ahahah sinning eggs kept out of the fridge and still eaten ahahah... No way guys wtf are those stupid "hygiene" rules

  62. Glitter

    Glitter39 минут бұрын


  63. Jeff Vader

    Jeff Vader40 минут бұрын

    What is the something animated

  64. John Di Lazzaro

    John Di Lazzaro41 минут бұрын

    Who else is still waiting for Avengers Endgame!

  65. Sugar and Cyenide

    Sugar and Cyenide42 минут бұрын

    Did you know Hermione was female? In case you didnt know that lets put big eyelashes and dress her in pink cliche..Because you cant have a female unless they wear pink..Her dress as blue in the book which was much more fitting.And the banging her jokes? thats just sick and not funny..ha ha man humor

  66. phan40

    phan4042 минут бұрын

    Snake eyes looked so creepy in this movie with his lips visible. He looked wayyyyyy better in the second film

  67. trebor sabre

    trebor sabre43 минут бұрын

    I actually enjoyed this movie alot

  68. Cami Anderson

    Cami Anderson43 минут бұрын

    Please do war of the worlds

  69. TSS2WWE

    TSS2WWE43 минут бұрын

    Sin Avengers Endgame now.

  70. DJ GAMER

    DJ GAMER43 минут бұрын

    Now do the better one aka the second part

  71. Quron Brunner

    Quron Brunner44 минут бұрын

    I'm only know recognizing that scarlett aka rachel nicols was in continuum. great show btw would recommend

  72. marcus24000

    marcus2400044 минут бұрын

    pretty good wel done.

  73. Mathew nunya

    Mathew nunya44 минут бұрын

    Whats with the political dig? Can ya keep politics out of EWW? Please?

  74. AkodoAkira1

    AkodoAkira145 минут бұрын

    Did you fail to mention how in the underwater battle blocks of ice fell from the ice sheet above them, forcing the subs to dodge?

  75. Diomil Montes de Oca

    Diomil Montes de Oca45 минут бұрын

    Yeah, i took the bait. Mansplaining is not a thing. Thanks

  76. hoop dreams

    hoop dreams45 минут бұрын

    Spliced dick??? 🤣😭😭😭

  77. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito47 минут бұрын

    9:03 - I think you mean everything you hate. I couldn't personally give two shits.

  78. ben trimble

    ben trimble48 минут бұрын

    Scottish character played by an actor with a believable Scottish accent!? That's worth at least one removed sin. *ZHP!* 😀

  79. LordKellthe1st

    LordKellthe1st48 минут бұрын

    "When everyone fails, we don't "...... almost as bad as "what happened when a toad is struck by lighting...." Also the "Here, here and here" sentence which is used more then the Wilhelm scream.

  80. Lone Spectre

    Lone Spectre49 минут бұрын

    Never trust a robot. Ever.

  81. Brent Dreher

    Brent Dreher49 минут бұрын

    7:47 self-proclaimed asshole KZwork channel misspells Brendan FRASER'S last name. DING!

  82. jmorrison230582

    jmorrison23058250 минут бұрын

    Thumbs up just for the "caber out of the yard" comment.

  83. Manning Damant

    Manning Damant51 минут бұрын

    I actually really like this movie. Damn my 80's nostalgia lol

  84. Bauwer De leeuw

    Bauwer De leeuw51 минут бұрын

    hey guys so can you do Hardcore henry it will be the most bat shit insane movie you will ever watch oh right and at least 1 person dies per minute

  85. Luke Oliphant

    Luke Oliphant52 минут бұрын

    *Character says something sexist* Cinema sins- "that's racist"

  86. LordKellthe1st

    LordKellthe1st52 минут бұрын

    Mandatory silly black guy is insulting, to black guys. Seen the movie Stealth? Similar train wreck.

  87. Fz mama bear

    Fz mama bear53 минут бұрын

    Fun fact the debit is played by Micheal Sheen (The same actor for Aziraphale in good omens) just a fun fact

  88. Black Ninja

    Black Ninja54 минут бұрын

    I honestly love this movie way more than the 2nd, I mean both are good in their own ways but this one has WAY more fun with the material sense I mean when you think of Shield-like group, I think of this cuz it’s not supposed to be that serious.... plus Channing and Marlon....duh lol

  89. Hanna Ström

    Hanna Ström56 минут бұрын

    There is nothing wrong with the great Gatsby

  90. Ascension Industries

    Ascension Industries56 минут бұрын

    Snake Eye's lips on his face mask are almost as bad as Batman's nipples on his suit. Ding

  91. Oscar Playz

    Oscar Playz57 минут бұрын

    Eww one of the cornetto trilogy movies

  92. RoughShadow

    RoughShadow57 минут бұрын

    12:23 No sin for the impossible trajectory of that car's flight? Like: There's a train ramming them with 60-80 Kmh and they fly 2 stories upwards and literally straight froward.

  93. Delta Lima Bravo

    Delta Lima Bravo57 минут бұрын

    Man, this movie was made for you all to point out the utter ridiculous parts of the movie!! “Only a female soul? That’s racist” Great stuff CinemaSins!!! Love it!!

  94. Darcie Richardson

    Darcie Richardson57 минут бұрын

    at 4:11 did u notice that finn takes about 4 steps back and is suddenly like 7 meters away from the exploding ship???????

  95. william corlett

    william corlett58 минут бұрын

    You need to add the fact the kid goes into fits when there are loud noises - at least at the start - but somehow is okay with explosions, gunfire etc Oh and how exactly did the good doctor catch up to a flying spaceship just in tome for the big finale?

  96. Johnny Von Truant

    Johnny Von TruantСағат бұрын

    You cant reference Tremors and not do an Everything Wrong With Tremors video

  97. ThePopcornFairy

    ThePopcornFairyСағат бұрын

    Aww man, they dragged Tuck Pendleton into this movie, didn't they?

  98. Mark Graffius

    Mark GraffiusСағат бұрын

    It’s annoying how he keeps bleeping things out just don’t say it if you will bleep it

  99. The Nonchalant Shallot

    The Nonchalant ShallotСағат бұрын

    I'm giving this video a sin for making a post malone joke about Arnold Vosloo. He's a fantastic actor. Don't compare him to that never-takes-a-shower gutter trash fuck face piece of shit.

  100. nir san

    nir sanСағат бұрын

    And miss Jackson if your nasty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣